Cicely Haughton School


The residential accommodation has 22 beds.  It consists of two well-furnished living areas known as Wedgwood House and Coalport House.  Each has a television, DVD player, music facility and computer and both are well resourced with age-appropriate toys and games.


Leisure facilities include a well resourced games room.  The residential staff have access to all other school facilities.


The sleeping areas are in the main, small dormitories giving individual personalised space for each child.  Shower and toilet facilities in line with all other residential areas are maintained to the very highest standards.


There are three ‘sleep-in’ rooms used by residential staff on night duty.  When these staff go to bed an alarm system activates which allows pupils access to toilets but not to go beyond the corridors.  A well-appointed kitchen area is used solely by residential staff for preparing snacks at supper-time.  Breakfast and tea are served in the main dining room.


We are proud of how we have developed our facilities and resources over the past decade.  However our greatest resource is the staff – they are dedicated, well qualified, always professional and with an appropriate blend of experience and youth.  It is by virtue of their hard work that we meet the needs of our pupils. 

The latest Ofsted  (May 2014) stated, 'The residential community is inclusive and well balanced. It is described as like ‘being a home from home’ and ‘a happy place’ to learn and play. Residential pupils experience a nurturing and a very consistent caring environment. Relationships and attachments are extremely strong and beneficial to each residential pupil irrespective of their backgrounds or circumstances. Pupils describe their residential experiences as, ‘awesome’, ‘it’s the best’ and ‘it’s amazing.’ They thoroughly enjoy their residential stays with many stating that they would like to stay longer.'